Lean in

Lean In
Let her lean in,
listen to that unheard voice.

Dry, brittling
thoughts bubbling
sealed off
as bottled soda,
away from civilisation
lone candle on mantelpiece
a thing of beauty
in an empty room.

Solidly invisible,
amidst incessant crickets
she waves goodbye
from behind her fence
as life rushes along
to work, to school,
so full of purpose.

Watch her lean in,
listen to that highway tree.

Inspiration for this piece: The rows of eucalyptus trees, between Calvary
Hospital and the ANU, as seen along the Belconnen Way—Barry Drive bus

Narmadhaa is published in Pure Haiku, Elephants Never, and From the Ashes — a poetry anthology by Animal Heart Press — Narmadhaa enjoys writing travel haiku, poetry, and fiction at The Chaos Within. Say hello on Twitter and Instagram.

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