The Canberra Tales


After a one night stand, Victoria contemplates life and the trials and tribulations of navigating the dating scene. Always The Bridesmaid was originally written for the 2016 Canberra Short+Sweet festival and performed by Jessica Gowing. Jessica reproduced her performance in 2018 for Hang on a Second – an night of short plays and a song, and Life Is a Corona-Coaster in 2020. It is presented here as a radio play recorded for… Read More

At the start of the pandemic local writer John Lombard created Canberra CoronaVision, a YouTube channel dedicated to radio plays for pandemic days. Local writers including John Lombard, Greg Gould, Kirsty Budding, Rachel Hogan and Bart Meehan have all contributed to the project, with vocal talent and production from local artists. Plays include:The Four Horse of the Apocalypse and The Boy Who Came With The Frame by John Lombard, Cat Queen by… Read More